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Educational Services

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The Black Oak Mine Unified School District provides for the needs of students identified for Special Education in cooperation with the El Dorado County Special Education Local Planning Area. 
  • Referrals for special education may come from a parent, teacher, student, or other knowledgeable person.  In our District, referrals most often come through a Student Study Team, or Student Success Team (SST) meeting.  Within 15 calendar days of receiving a referral, an assessment plan is developed and a copy is given to parents.  Special Education law states that attempts within the general education class must be tried prior to referral for special education services. 
  • Assessment for special education services must be completed and an IEP meeting held within 60 days after the District receives a signed assessment form.
  • If a student is found eligible for special education services, an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) Meeting is held to discuss the student’s needs and to develop an IEP.  The IEP includes the development of goals and the assignment of appropriate services for the student.  The IEP Meeting is attended by the parents, school personnel and others (as appropriate). 
  • Resource Specialist Program (RSP):  This program, available at all school sites, provides services to students designed to help close the gap between the students’ measured ability and their current achievement.  Services happen both in the regular classroom and in the Special education classroom. 
  • Special Day Class (SDC): This program, available at Northside School for students in grades K-6
  • Designated Instruction and Services (DIS):  These are specialized services, most often provided by staff from the El Dorado County Office of Education.  Examples include speech therapy, occupational therapy and adaptive physical education.
To download a pamphlet about assessments for students with disabilities, click here.
Black Oak Mine Unified School District Special Education Contacts
MIchelle Cortichiato
Special Ed Coordinator/Psychologist
(530) 333-8320
Christina Kay
(530) 333-8300
David Gleason
American River Charter School
(530) 333-8340
Susan Evans
Department Chair/Educational Specialist
Golden Sierra Junior Senior High School/Divide High
(530) 333-8330
Justin Cox
Educational Specialist
Northside School
(530) 333-8355
Ron Langford
Educational Specialis
Georgetown School
(530) 333-8320