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Resources, Homework Help, Enrichment

Drug Free Divide  The community organization, located adjacent to the District Office in Georgetown, that is committed to "Raising Youth Above the Influence."
Common Core State Standards
edHelper Lesson plans, web quest and worksheets to assist with differentiating the curriculum.
Some free worksheets but $19.95 yearly membership  fee for full access 
Family Education Activities and resources for parents and children. Free but registration required 
U.S. Mint  The Learning Space and the U.S. Mint have put together a library of lesson plans, projects and games. 
Can Do! The Can Do web site offers stories, activities and resources to create a better understanding of how people can overcome their challenges. 
Fact Monster Quizzes for all elementary to practice grammar, math facts, spelling, literature. 
Enchanted Learning  $20 annual fee, but many activities are free!  Support for home school families, curriculum, research and activities –all subjects- many useful worksheets 
California Associations for the Gifted 
Links to Learning is a web site designed to assist students and educators in reaching educational goals through the use of the Internet. Links to Learning is dedicated to keeping you informed by monitoring and updating the site daily . Fee based