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Data Confirmation/Re-registration


In order to update the school with any changes that have occurred, parents are now required to re-register their student using the Data Confirmation process. Data Confirmation through the Parent Portal .  Please review the directions below for information on completing the Data Confirmation process.  . 


  • Log in to the BOMUSD Aeries Parent Portal using the email username that you originally created and your password.

  • If you have forgotten your password, click ”Forgot Password?”, input your e-mail and follow the directions given.

  • Once logged in, complete the data confirmation process.

  • Carefully read all instructions on the screen to update your child’s information in Sections 1– 7 (shown below)


Required Steps In Order

  1. Complete the Military and Residence Survey

  2. Update all Student Demographic Data

  3. Update all Contact Information. Parent/guardians should update the contact information and emergency contacts that specifically pertain to each parent/guardian. It is critical that this information be accurate for ALL parent/guardians in the event of an emergency.

  4. Add any medical conditions that apply

  5. Open and read ALL documents then check “I have read”

  6. Read through Authorizations and check as  appropriate

  7. AFTER REVIEWING ALL INFORMATION, click on the Final Data Confirmation tab and confirm your submission.