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Measure H - Defeated in 2020

Measure H Statement

“To improve the quality of education facilities; upgrade classrooms, restrooms and schools; repair/replace roofs; and renovate electrical/plumbing/sewer systems; shall Black Oak Mine Unified School District’s measure be adopted authorizing the issuance of $29,868,000 of bonds at legal interest rates, generating on average $1,653,000 annually as long as bonds are outstanding at a rate of approximately 4.9 cents per $100 assessed value, with audits, independent citizen’ oversight committee, no money for salaries, and all money on local projects?”

Measure H Information

School Sites -Schools as Center of Community
Northside Elementary School
Georgetown Elementary School
Otter Creek Elementary School
American River Charter School
Divide High School
Golden Sierra Junior Senior High School

Measure H School Improvements/Projects

  • Make health, safety and security improvements, including repair/replace roofs
  • Modernize/renovate classrooms to meet 21st century education standards
  • Improve student access to computers and modern technology
  • Upgrade inadequate electrical systems
  • Modernize outdated classrooms, offices, restrooms and school facilities
  • Upgrade or replace outdated temporary portable classrooms
  • Improve student safety at drop-off and pick-up areas
  • Replace existing wiring systems to meet current electrical and accessibility codes and increase capacity
  • All Federal and State-mandated Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility upgrades including site access, parking, staff and student restrooms, relocation of some existing electrical devices, drinking fountains, playground equipment, etc.
  • Federal and State-mandated Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety upgrades including playground equipment replacement
  • Upgrade school site parking, roadways, utilities and grounds
  • Repair, replace and/or upgrade paved surfaces, turf, and other grounds to eliminate safety hazards
  • Make energy-efficient improvements