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Black Oak Mine Unified School District



    Staff and Community of the Black Oak Mine Unified School District:


    Many of you have friends and/or family in the Paradise area.  We know that many have lost their homes, including our former superintendent, Robert Williams, and his family.  Schools have been destroyed in Butte County, as well.   

    We are including several specific links for donations to support our fellow educators and friends in Butte County. 

    Butte County Fire Relief Fund

    Camp Fire Evacuation Relief Fund

    We will provide additional information as we receive it in the weeks to come.


    Jeremy Meyers, Superintendent

    Posted 11/11/18
    GT School of Innovation Opens Doors to Project-based Learning and Beyond!
    The most important objective parents and teachers desire for their students, aside from a successful and satisfyingschool experience, is a successful and satisfying work experience after graduation. Georgetown teachers spent theirsummer training, preparing, and creating a school that will meet these objectives for their school community. HarvardBusiness School Alumni, Amy Edmondson* notes that in our new, fast paced, workforce, companies and businessdemand two simple skills of their employees neither of which require a Harvard Diploma. Namely, the ability to thinkcritically (common sense) and the ability to collaborate (team). With student success in mind, GT teachers in 3 rd through6 th grade partnered with New Tech Network, a nonprofit organization associated with comprehensive school reform thissummer to develop classroom PBL (project-based learning) projects for the 18-19 school year. Project-based learning(applying classroom knowledge to solve real work problems) schools are directly connected with high performing, highcapacity students and graduates from those institutions.GT teachers are ready to engage students in projects that integrate engineering, mathematics, art, science and socialstudies with the added twist of community connections. One example is a project created by Annie Brown, 6 th gradeteacher, titled “Force of Nature” which combines common core standards and current events about wild fires inCalifornia with a focus on the Georgetown Divide. This project connects students with community partners at Blodgettresearch station to determine methods for better fire prevention. All the projects include a public exhibition wherestudents and community participate as critical friends to give feedback on student performance.In addition to PBL training at New Tech Network, teachers were trained and are implementing a new social-emotionallearning program in grades TK-6 titled Toolbox. Toolbox is credited with developing collaborative skills for teamwork aswell as developing skills that promote positive individual behavior and performance. These new programs and a host ofother initiatives are specific to GT School of Innovation for the 2018-19 school year. We welcome new and formerfamilies to check out our website, Facebook page or come in person to our Back to School Night and discover what it’slike to participate in cutting edge education right in our own backyard!Registration for the 18-19 school year is now open. Call (530) 333-8320 for more information and to register.Back to School- August 30th @ 6 p.m.* School of Innovation believes that students deserve an engaging, real-world education that empowers and impassionsthem for future work and relationships they may not have dreamed of yet…
    Northside School Transforms into a STEAM- focused School
    Northside is rolling full STEAM ahead in preparation for the new school year. Staff have been working tirelessly all summer transforming Northside into a STEAM-focused school.  Students will experience several new classroom spaces as part of our transition this year. A new science lab has been created to house our 4-6th grade science elective, replacing our technology/PE/Music elective. STEAM coordinator, Amy McComb, has been prepping all summer transforming this space into a functional and high-tech lab space. Our new lab has been designed with project-based learning in mind. The classroom has space for instruction and project-based, hands on learning. Equipped with a new interactive whiteboard and new science equipment, our students are ready to experience a first-rate science program.    Our garden program also received a generous boost from Teichert, when they awarded our school a $4,000 grant.  This money has funded a much needed greenhouse slated for installation this fall in the lower garden.  This will provide a wonderful opportunity for our students to harvest and grow year-round.  The greenhouse will also provide an outdoor extension to our science lab.   What other changes can Northside students and families expect to see?  New classroom space has been designated for an Art Lab to support our visual arts program. The space boasts a new kiln purchased by our amazing PTA.  Students will also see a new Performing Arts room which was created to support our theater, music and dance STEAM rotations.  Students will continue to receive technology instruction both in the classroom and utilizing our Tech Lab. The Tech Lab will now be open for group instruction for all our classes.  We will be expanding our morning multi-age, cooperative physical education program to include all 2nd graders. Students in grades 2-6 work together in multi-age, cooperative teams to lead stretching and calisthenics and jogging around the track. This opportunity is more than physical education, it promotes our commitment to teaching kindness and fostering our positive school climate through our continued implementation of PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports) program.   We have a few staffing announcements. We are happy to announce that Mrs. Aquino will be returning to Northside as a teacher in our upper primary.  Other staffing changes include a new office staff. Christina Kay will be filling the school secretary position vacated by Bonnie Orris, and Gina Wiser will be joining her as the office assistant and part-time reading support aide.  Resource specialist, Evelyn Todd, has taken a job outside the district and we are currently searching for her replacement.   Along with visible changes on site, our web presence will be increased as we kick off our new and improved school website on August 1st.  Northside STEAM School can also be found on 
    Golden Sierra Implements Innovative Programs and Educational Opportunities
    Golden Sierra’s staff has been busy over the summer preparing for the upcoming school year. This includes the implementation of several innovative programs and the expansion of key existing programs. Golden Sierra is in the second year of implementation of the 4x4 master schedule. The 4x4 means that students have access to 320 credits over the course of 4 years, grades 9-12. With longer blocks of instructional time and only 4 periods each day, students can earn a year of credit for each semester without the stress of 2 additional periods each day. As a part of this implementation, Golden Sierra has committed significant additional resources to Career and Technical Education (CTE), including equipment and the technology needed to support learning in our auto, construction, metals, video, and advanced engineering facilities. As a comprehensive high school, Golden Sierra offers a full array of CTE courses.Leveraging the increased access to wireless broadband internet, Golden Sierra has dramatically increased student and teacher access to technology. Chromebook laptops are available in every classroom in order to increase the effectiveness of instruction and to bring the vast resources of the internet to every classroom. This includes the opportunity for students to take courses on virtually any subject, while earning high school credit.Beginning with the 2018/2019 school year, Golden Sierra will implement the AVID program in grades 7 and 9. The Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program is designed to assist students academically through specialized instruction and to better connect student learning with post-secondary opportunities, including the world of work and college. Additionally, Golden Sierra continues to offer Peer Advocacy – a program designed for students to assist other students in making healthy decisions and with navigating the complex world of adolescence. The Peer Advocacy program has received state-wide recognition as a model program.Participation in extra and co-curricular activities contributes to academic success. As always, students are encouraged to participate in sports and/or one of the many other student activities.These improvements represent the district’s commitment to providing educational excellence. Bill Drescher, Board President, said, “As a parent and Board member, we are excited about the changes at Golden Sierra and the improvements to existing educational opportunities. We look forward to seeing the gains in student performance. We thank the community for the continued support of our schools.”For more information, please call 530.333.8330.