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Golden Sierra Implements Innovative Programs and Educational Opportunities

Golden Sierra’s staff has been busy over the summer preparing for the upcoming school year. This includes the implementation of several innovative programs and the expansion of key existing programs.

Golden Sierra is in the second year of implementation of the 4x4 master schedule. The 4x4 means that students have access to 320 credits over the course of 4 years, grades 9-12. With longer blocks of instructional time and only 4 periods each day, students can earn a year of credit for each semester without the stress of 2 additional periods each day. As a part of this implementation, Golden Sierra has committed significant additional resources to Career and Technical Education (CTE), including equipment and the technology needed to support learning in our auto, construction, metals, video, and advanced engineering facilities. As a comprehensive high school, Golden Sierra offers a full array of CTE courses.

Leveraging the increased access to wireless broadband internet, Golden Sierra has dramatically increased student and teacher access to technology. Chromebook laptops are available in every classroom in order to increase the effectiveness of instruction and to bring the vast resources of the internet to every classroom. This includes the opportunity for students to take courses on virtually any subject, while earning high school credit.

Beginning with the 2018/2019 school year, Golden Sierra will implement the AVID program in grades 7 and 9. The Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program is designed to assist students academically through specialized instruction and to better connect student learning with post-secondary opportunities, including the world of work and college. Additionally, Golden Sierra continues to offer Peer Advocacy – a program designed for students to assist other students in making healthy decisions and with navigating the complex world of adolescence. The Peer Advocacy program has received state-wide recognition as a model program.

Participation in extra and co-curricular activities contributes to academic success. As always, students are encouraged to participate in sports and/or one of the many other student activities.

These improvements represent the district’s commitment to providing educational excellence. Bill Drescher, Board President, said, “As a parent and Board member, we are excited about the changes at Golden Sierra and the improvements to existing educational opportunities. We look forward to seeing the gains in student performance. We thank the community for the continued support of our schools.”
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