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GT School of Innovation (Georgetown Elementary) Opens Doors to Project Based Learning and Beyond!

The most important objective parents and teachers desire for their students, aside from a successful and satisfying
school experience, is a successful and satisfying work experience after graduation. Georgetown teachers spent their
summer training, preparing, and creating a school that will meet these objectives for their school community. Harvard
Business School Alumni, Amy Edmondson* notes that in our new, fast paced, workforce, companies and business
demand two simple skills of their employees neither of which require a Harvard Diploma. Namely, the ability to think
critically (common sense) and the ability to collaborate (team). With student success in mind, GT teachers in 3 rd through
6 th grade partnered with New Tech Network, a nonprofit organization associated with comprehensive school reform this
summer to develop classroom PBL (project-based learning) projects for the 18-19 school year. Project-based learning
(applying classroom knowledge to solve real work problems) schools are directly connected with high performing, high
capacity students and graduates from those institutions.
GT teachers are ready to engage students in projects that integrate engineering, mathematics, art, science and social
studies with the added twist of community connections. One example is a project created by Annie Brown, 6 th grade
teacher, titled “Force of Nature” which combines common core standards and current events about wild fires in
California with a focus on the Georgetown Divide. This project connects students with community partners at Blodgett
research station to determine methods for better fire prevention. All the projects include a public exhibition where
students and community participate as critical friends to give feedback on student performance.
In addition to PBL training at New Tech Network, teachers were trained and are implementing a new social-emotional
learning program in grades TK-6 titled Toolbox. Toolbox is credited with developing collaborative skills for teamwork as
well as developing skills that promote positive individual behavior and performance. These new programs and a host of
other initiatives are specific to GT School of Innovation for the 2018-19 school year. We welcome new and former
families to check out our website, Facebook page or come in person to our Back to School Night and discover what it’s
like to participate in cutting edge education right in our own backyard!

Registration for the 18-19 school year is now open. Call (530) 333-8320 for more information and to register.
Back to School- August 30th @ 6 p.m.
GT School of Innovation believes that students deserve an engaging, real-world education that empowers and impassions
them for future work and relationships they may not have dreamed of yet…