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EVERY 15 MINUTES Event Conducted at Golden Sierra Junior Senior High School
Posted 5/13/19

Approximately every fifteen minutes, someone dies in the United State from a drunk driving accident.  In order to bring this statistic to life for Golden Sierra Junior Senior High School juniors and seniors, a coalition of community partners, including the California Highway Patrol, local law enforcement, local hospitals, emergency medical responders, businesses and service clubs, conducted the simulation on Tuesday April 30 and Wednesday May 1.Every 15 Minutes scene

As stated on the California Highway Patrol website, “The Every 15 Minute program challenges students to think about drinking, driving, personal safety, the responsibility of making mature decisions and the impact their decisions have on family, friends, their community and many other.

The two-day program is very dramatic and emotional-and purposely so. Teenagers are constantly reminded about the choices they must make involving alcohol and how many others are affected by their decisions. They know the intellectual statistics. However, many teens share the belief it will never happen to them.Every 15 Minutes Living DeadThis powerful program is designed to create an awareness among students that they are not invincible. This program helps open the emotional doors, and they experience first-hand how their actions affect the lives of so many other people.”

Golden Sierra has participated in this program since the 1990s which has had life-long impacts on all who have participated.  

All participating members of the Golden Sierra school community wish to thank the many community partners who devoted countless hours to preparing for and participating in this year’s program.