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School Closure and Make-up Day Information
Posted 2/21/19

Dear BOMUSD families,


It has been quite the winter and it's not over, yet!


As you may be aware, Black Oak Mine builds two "snow days" into our instructional calendar each year.  These are days built into the calendar as make-up days in the event we are forced to close schools as a result of inclement weather. As a result of our closures this year, we will be utilizing these two days for instruction.  May 3rd and May 24th are now school days; however, this still leaves us three days short for instruction.


Between our power outage days (2) and the additional snow day (1), we are still three days short of the State required 180 days of instruction.  This, of course, assumes we will not need additional closures - as I mentioned, winter isn't over, yet.


As a district we have a couple of options.  First, we will file a waiver with the California Department of Education for the three days of closure.  If approved, it means we will not have to add instructional days this year.  Second, if the waiver is not approved, we will be required to add the instructional days to the end of our school year.  Given the conditions, it is likely our waiver will be granted and we will not have three additional days at the end of the year; however, we will not have a decision from the State Board of Education until April.  We will thoroughly communicate with our families the moment we have a determination.


The decision to close our schools is not one we make lightly.  We realize parents rely on us to open schools.  We also realize parents rely on us to make sound judgements regarding student safety.  It is critical to know that buses must be able to transport students safely.  Additionally, we must consider our young students who drive themselves to and from school.  The decision to close schools includes an exhaustive process and considers that our school buses are housed at a higher elevation.  It is not uncommon for it to be raining in Cool and snowing heavily in Georgetown.  Additionally, we make the decision about closures and delayed-starts as early as possible.  If at all possible, we inform families the night before.


Again, this has been quite the winter and we appreciate partnering with you as we work through these issues.  We will continue to focus on student safety and commit to communicating with families early and thoroughly.  More information will follow as to the disposition of our waiver request.  Thank you for your patience.