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Online Meal Payments

Computerized Payment System for the CafeteriaTop of Page

The Black Oak Mine Unified School District continues the use of our computerized Point of Sale payment system for all school meals purchased at Northside Elementary, Georgetown Elementary, Golden Sierra Junior Senior High School, and American River Charter.

Students from these schools will have their own personal meal account based on an alternate student number or PIN.  Students can access their accounts on the PIN pads located at every register.  We are assuming that all students know their student ID number used for academic eligibility, but if they forget, we can access it through every register.  It is strongly recommended that all students remember their numbers, as this will make the meal lines move faster.

We encourage parents to deposit money into the student’s account, although they may still pay cash.  Monies paid into a student account can only be used for the purchase of regular and alternative meals.  This way, parents are assured that their money is being used to purchase only lunch or breakfast items.  When sending in money by check or cash, please include the student’s ID number on the check or envelope so it is deposited into the correct account.  Please note that if a parent prepays for 10 lunches, the student will receive one lunch free.

If your student has qualified for free or reduced-price lunches or breakfasts, this information is securely contained within the system and the meal will be processed just as it is for all other students.  There is no need to be concerned for a potentially uncomfortable situation for the student.

If you are concerned about a food allergy that your student has, please notify the cafeteria with this information.  A warning will appear on the cashier’s screen for a quick review of the items on the student’s meal tray.
Benefits of Computerized System for Parents and Students
  • When the account is prepaid you can be sure that your student is only using that money for nutritious lunches/breakfasts served in our cafeteria.
  • Prepaid accounts for all students allows parents to deposit money in their student’s account, in any amount, any time, without concerns about giving their student the exact change every morning.
  • For those students receiving free or reduced meals, their meals will be rung up as all the other meals are.  No one will know whether they are receiving a free or reduced meal or debiting their account, except for the cashier.
  • Lunch lines move faster when meals are prepaid, thus providing students extra time to enjoy their lunch period.
  • Parents can pay any amount at any time.  Students can prepay on the line with cash or parents can send in checks (with the student ID# on it), and students can give this to the cashier right in the lunch line.  You are only charged for the lunches/breakfasts that are debited to your student’s ID academic eligibility number.  All student ID numbers are confidential.
  • Pin pads are located at every terminal; they provide ease of use and allow for quick transactions.
  • Prepayment allows for better security rather than cash.
  • Once the transaction has been completed, your student will know his/her account balance.            
  • Students may use any register.  When a lunch or breakfast is recorded at one register, it will automatically be recorded on the other registers.
  • When student accounts get low, students will be informed at the register of their balance.

Payment OptionsTop of Page

  • You can send in prepayment monies at any time.  We recommend that parents send in checks payable to BOMUSD Cafeteria, rather than cash.  All monies should be submitted only to cafeteria personnel.
    • When sending a prepayment, please include the student’s ID# on the face of the check.  If you send in cash please indicate on the face of the envelope, the student’s ID#.
  • For your convenience, you can also make prepayments online.  We have posted instructions on the district website on how to make payments on MySchoolBucks.  
My School Bucks. Check Balances, View Purchases, Pay with a credit card. The Simple Way to Pay for Student Meals. View Website
We've summarized a quick start guide. For complete instructions on how to use your mySchoolBucks account click the link below:

Accessing your account:(if you have previously used
  • Go to MySchoolBucks
  • Enter your existing username and password (if you have previously used
  • Click LOG IN
  • Verify your child(ren) linked to your account
    • To add new students to your household you will need the child's name,
      birthdate, and student ID
To make a payment:
  • Once logged in, click MAKE A PAYMENT
  • Select or enter a payment amount for each child
  • Click CHECK OUT NOW to complete the payment process
  • NOTE: You may fund up to $120 per child, but you may pay for all of your children on a single transaction.
  • mySchoolBucks has the following payment methods available for use:
    • Visa®
    • Mastercard®
    • Discover®
    • Electronic Check

Again, for complete instructions on how to use your mySchoolBucks account click the link below:

All support-related issues should be directed to mySchoolBucks by phone at 855-832-5226 or by email at  Please do not call the Food Service office for support.

Meal Prices & ComponentTop of Page

  • K-6 Student Breakfast $1.50, Student Lunch $2.75
  • 7-8 Student Breakfast $1.75, Student Lunch $3.00
  • 9-12 Student Breakfast 9-12 $2.00, Student Lunch $3.25
  • K-12 Reduced Price Breakfast $0.30, Reduced Price Lunch $0.40

  • Breakfast meals must include the following components:
  • Fruit, grains, milk choice, (meat/meat alternate is optional)
  • Lunch meals must include the following components:
  • Entrée (meat/meat alternates), grains, fruit, vegetables, and milk choice
If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Renee Hedden, Coordinating Kitchen Manager, at (530) 333-8300 ext 231 or email her at